Resilient Community Projects

Our climate will continue to change for the foreseeable future, giving rise to significant impacts for infrastructure, public services, economic activity, the environment and people — be it through more intense rainfall and flooding, ice and snow storms, hail, wind, wildfires, drought and increased strain on water resources, or uncomfortably high temperatures. Explore this projects page for reports, workshop materials and a step by- step primer to help your community start planning for a changing climate.



 Economic Tools for Climate Change Adaptation – Private Real Estate Decisions

Summary: This paper examines the barriers to efficient adaptation decisions in BC’s private real estate sector and explores potential economic instruments to overcome them.
Client: Climate Change Secretariat, BC Ministry of Environment


 Climate Change Adaptation for Alberta Municipalities – Primer

Summary: The primer outlines the nature and significance of climate change for Alberta municipalities and describes a simple approach to effectively plan for future climate conditions.
Client: The Calgary Foundation


 City of Leduc Weather and Climate Readiness Plan

Summary: The City of Leduc hired All One Sky Foundation to work with the City to identify priority risks resulting from weather and climate hazards. The severity of a risk was judged by the extent to which it affects Leduc’s vision for public health and safety, the economy, environment, and the provision of infrastructure and services.
Client: The City of Leduc


 Climate Resilience Planning Workshops     Climate Resilience for Alberta Municipalities

Summary: Severe flooding in Southern Alberta in 2013 highlighted the extreme vulnerability and lack of preparedness experienced by municipalities located near overflowing rivers and tributaries. Since scientific evidence predicts more climate-related events, All One Sky Foundation designed a workshop to help municipalities build community resilience to catastrophic weather events.  One-day workshops were held in Edmonton and Calgary, drawing municipalities from all over the province. The project led to a step-by-step primer to help municipalities start to plan for a changing climate.
Client: Municipal Climate Change Action Centre

 Economic Guidance for the Appraisal and Prioritization of Adaptation Actions

Client: Natural Resources Canada


A community that is able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions is a Resilient Community.

Alberta is ground zero for catastrophic weather losses in Canada. In 2012, 62 per cent of all insurance losses from natural catastrophes were in Alberta. Heavy rains, hail and wind were the main causes, with Calgary, Edmonton and the southern parts of the province being the most hard-hit. The flooding of Southern Alberta in 2013 is conservatively estimated to cost $5 – 6 billion, making it potentially the worst natural disaster in Canada’s history.

The losses triggered by extreme weather will increasingly make communities vulnerable to the effects of climate change. All One Sky Foundation is seeking funds to help vulnerable communities in Alberta become more resilient to the impacts of climate change. We’ve created the Alberta Resilient Communities Project as a pilot project to support communities in Alberta factor climate change into infrastructure and development investments and decisions, ultimately saving money and protecting lives, buildings and infrastructure from catastrophic losses.

Climate resiliency is the ability of our social, economic and ecological systems to withstand and recover from climate-induced changes and events. From a community perspective, it means that impacts are not felt as deeply, recovery is rapid and cost effective, and the post-impact community is stronger.

Albertans are already experiencing significant impacts from the current climate, including floods, droughts and forest fires, and future projections suggest that these impacts are likely to worsen as our climate changes. There is however, little support to help rural communities understand, cope with, and be more resilient to the new threats and opportunities posed by climate change. This document proposes a concept for engaging Alberta’s rural municipalities in preparing for the potential impacts of climate change by developing and implementing climate-resilient actions…

The climate is changing. Are you ready?

All One Sky offers presentations, workshops, planning, implementation.
We can build your resilience.
All One Sky believes that planning for resilience to climate change should be done through a risk-based approach, with due consideration given to flexible, robust and cost-effective adaptation strategies. Most importantly, All One Sky helps you to integrate or “mainstream” adaptation strategies into existing decision-making processes (see diagram below).

We help you:
understand climate trends, projections and impacts specific to your region;identify and prioritize risks to your business, organization or government; and identify and implement cost-effective climate resilience strategies to reduce your risk.]