Energy Poverty

There’s a little-known yet widespread form of poverty in Alberta: it is energy poverty, the inability of financially-strapped families to properly heat and power their homes at a reasonable cost.

About 455,000 Albertans live in energy poverty — or one in six households.

All One Sky recently completed a report, Tackling Energy Poverty — An Agenda for Alberta, that is the first in-depth look at the environmental and social impacts of energy poverty in the province. Our recommendations were picked up by the new Alberta Government Climate Leadership Plan.

READ OUR PAPER HERE:  Energy Poverty — An Agenda for Alberta









Affordable Housing Energy Efficiency Demonstration Project

The City of Calgary: The City of Calgary approved a Council Innovation Grant in 2014 to enable All One Sky Foundation to create a business case for using “whole building” energy efficiency improvements for affordable housing properties in Calgary. We used a Bankview affordable housing complex to model the costs and benefits of adding energy efficiency into a Calgary Housing Company planned retrofit.

READ OUR PAPER HERE:  Affordable Housing Energy Efficiency Demonstration



City of Calgary Council Innovation Fund
City of Calgary Environmental