Energy Angels

All One Sky Foundation is partnering with The City of Calgary Seniors Services program to help weatherize the homes of low-income seniors. We raise funds for water-efficient faucets and shower heads, weather stripping, window vinyl, CFL light bulbs and on occasion, new doors. The City installs the hardware.  Seniors save an average $260 per year on utilities.











“It is a little known fact that the inability to pay basic utilities/energy is the second leading economic cause of homelessness in this country.”

– Edward de Gale.

This past winter showed many of us what a spike in natural gas prices can do to a utility bill. Now imagine having to pay that bill with minimal income. This is the situation many of Calgary’s low-income seniors face each month as the cost of living continues to rise. In an effort to reduce utility bills while still remaining comfortable in cold weather, some seniors resort to layering extra blankets on the bed, wearing layers of sweaters, and placing towels around the windows and doors to guard against the cold air pushing through the cracks. And upgrading warped doors and thin windows is out of the question when you have to survive on $24,000 a year.

These are not long-term solutions. That’s why the All One Sky Foundation, created Energy Angels – a campaign to provide energy efficiency and weatherization improvements to low-income seniors in Calgary. Now is the time to give because weatherizing homes is actually best performed in warmer weather. Replacing weather stripping and door sweeps is much easier on homeowners in warmer weather given that doors need to be kept open to complete these tasks. So now that spring has arrived, we’re hoping to improve more homes for seniors in need – not only will they be more comfortable when the next winter blast hits, they will be better able to keep hot air out this summer.

All One Sky works in partnership with the City of Calgary that helps low-income seniors live safely and securely in their own homes.



Your donations go a long way:

$25 (efficient lighting)

$50 (weatherization)

$75 (lighting & weatherization)

$100 (lighting, weatherization, water efficiency)

$500 Ultimate Energy Angel
(Full weatherization or window/door replacement)

$Other _______ (area of greatest need)