ALL ONE SKY FOUNDATION is a not-for-profit, charitable organization established by the former Climate Change Central in 2010 to help vulnerable populations at the crossroads of energy and climate change. We do this through education, research and community-led programs, focusing our efforts on adaptation to climate change and energy poverty. Our vision is a society in which ALL people can afford the energy they require to live in warm, comfortable homes, in communities that are able to respond and adapt to a changing climate.



All One Sky Foundation associates offer a unique combination of experience and international expertise
in climate science, energy efficiency program design, climate resilience and adaptation planning, risk management, climate change economics, and bridging the gap between the latest climate science and real world decision-making. Our team and board have high-level expertise in the formation, administration and delivery of a provincial climate change agency specializing in energy efficiency programs.



P.O. Box 19012
809 49 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2S 1A0
Phone: (403) 471-6247
Email: helen@allonesky.ca


All One Sky Foundation worked with the City of Leduc to develop our first ever Weather and Climate Readiness Plan. Council approved the plan at the end of 2014. This has resulted in several requests from other municipalities and provincial organizations for information on our process and on our commitment to this type of proactive planning. We are pleased to be champions for building resilience to weather and climate effects and have dedicated resources this year for the implementation of initial actions.

Kerra Chomlak
Environmental Sustainability Coordinator
City of Leduc




 ANNUAL REPORT (coming soon)



HELEN CORBETT – as Executive Director of All One Sky Foundation, Helen has three decades of experience in environmental communications, stakeholder engagement, project management and outreach in urban, rural and First Nations’ communities.



JEFF ZUKIWSKY – a professional planner specializing in community-based climate resiliency and adaptation. For the past decade Jeff has been working with communities across Canada supporting the development and implementation of climate adaptation plans using a participatory and stakeholder-driven approach.



CAROLE STARK – a skilled and respected facilitator, adult and community educator, and stakeholder engagement specialist, with a particular focus on environmental and community planning.  Carole has recognized expertise in workshop facilitation, engagement and dialogue processes.

RICHARD BOYD – an economist with 20 years of experience working on climate change issues in Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa, for municipal, state and national governments, banks, insurers, development agencies, and the private sector. Richard specializes in climate change risk assessment methodologies and tools, and the economic analysis and implementation of cost-effective adaptation actions.



MEL REASONER – an earth scientist specializing in climate change modelling and research. Mel has been communicating the results of his research and general climate science to a broad range of audiences for more than 20 years.